The articles

  1. Foreword – Luciana Berger MP
  2. Introduction – John Slinger
  3. Building Labour’s big answer to Cameron’s ‘Big Society’  – James Allen
  4. Talking about public service reform: values first, the policies will follow – Josie Cluer
  5. Jungle Book politics – Sam Dowling 
  6. Appetite for optimism: progress, growth and a culture of resilience – Dan Fox
  7. The re-birth of liberal Labour – Michael Harris
  8. Iraq and liberal interventionism – Gary Kent
  9. The feasibility of government regulation of big business: notes from across the pond – Michael McCarthy
  10. All must have value: how Labour can revitalise and reform educational status and equality of worth – Phil Miles
  11. Snubbing TINA: there is an Alternative – Amanda Ramsay
  12. Un-squeezing the middle  – Larry Smith
  13. Four big ideas to refound Labour – Will Straw and Nick Anstead
  14. Now starts the rebuilding: Labour and the new housing policy – Tom Tàbori
  15. Addressing the challenges of rebalancing the economy  – Jonathan Todd
  16. Renewing the vows: Divorce won’t work for Labour and the unions – a modern partnership can – Dan Whittle
  17. Changing the frame: Britain and Europe – Jon Worth

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