Photos from TOTP on defence, 23 March 2012

on Defence/Security, chaired by Jim Murphy MP, Shadow Defence Secretary.

Held at The Barley Mow (pub), Westminster, London, on Monday 26 March 2012.

All photos kindly taken by Shaun Seymour (@shaunseymour)

John Slinger (PragRad Chair) with Russell Brown MP (Shadow Minister for International Security Strategy), Jim Murphy MP (Shadow Defence Secretary), Dan Fox (Top Policy), Lee Gibbs (No.3 policy), Jeremy Corbyn MP (No.2 policy)


Jim Murphy MP speaking

Dan Fox speaking

Amanda Ramsay speaking

Jeremy Corbyn MP speaking

John Slinger – Chair, Pragmatic Radicalism

Cllr Simon Hogg (Wandsworth)

Joe Carberry

Tom Page speaking

Russell Brown MP – Shadow Minister for International Security Strategy

Jim Murphy MP and Jeremy Corbyn


Audience member

Audience member

3 thoughts on “Photos from TOTP on defence, 23 March 2012

    1. Dear Rob the crip,

      Our Top Of The Policies events are deliberately inclusive of a range of opinion in the Labour Party. We have, since our inception, been avowedly non-factional, instead seeking to give a platform for ordinary members to present their ideas (sometimes to Shadow Ministers) and creating a format which ensures that the quality of the idea, rather than the status of the speaker, is what counts.

      The TOTP event on defence heard a range of views. Jeremy Corbyn, who incidentally came second in the voting with his ‘Scrap Trident’ policy, is certainly not New Labour.

      Best wishes,

      John Slinger
      Chair, Pragmatic Radicalism

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