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For immediate release: 13 January 2012

Policy in the Pub: Labour’s @PragRad #Skills Debate 17 Jan in Westminster

In the Twitter-age, immediacy and informality of political comment is where it’s at, that’s what ‘Top of the Policies’ encapsulates, courtesy of Pragmatic Radicalism’s eclectic mix of Labour voices from all wings of the party, mixing it up with old school politics in the pub; the next quick-fire debate tackles skills and future policy ideas for the Labour Party, in Westminster’s Barley Mow public house, Tuesday 17 January, between 6.30-8.30pm.

Speakers include Eric Joyce MP, John Edmonds and former MP Parmjit Dhanda, plus Labour Uncut’s Amanda Ramsay, who proposes a national Skills Mentoring Scheme. Each policy has just two minutes to air, followed by fast and furious Q&A’s of 120 seconds per idea, all expertly policed by Parliamentary legend Michael White of the Guardian, who is chairing.

Anthony Painter, political writer and chairman of Hackney University Technical College, wants to create a new, high quality technical education offer for those aged 14 plus. While Jake Hayman, Director at Future First, will propose an alumni network for every state school in the country. Josie Cluer, one of the original authors from the Pragmatic Radicalism pamphlet, calls for grants for carers’ skill development.

“The idea is to generate new ideas that will help Labour and the Shadow Cabinet as they map out a vision for the country,” said Pragmatic Radicalism’s founder John Slinger. “This is a joint event with unionlearn and Unions21, with the GMB sponsoring prizes.”

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Editor’s Notes:


  1. For further information contact: Pragmatic Radicalism’s Editor, John Slinger 07970 847 231
  2. Launched in the Commons July 2011, Pragmatic Radicalism provides a voice for Labour thinkers, to stimulate debate inside and outside the Labour Party. The first pamphlet, Ideas from Labour’s New Generation, was published in July and was submitted to Labour’s 2011 policy review.
  4. Follow on the night via Twitter @PragRad #TopOfThePols #skills



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