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Pragmatic Radicalism has no long-term funding. All its officers work for free in their spare time. Our funding is currently on an ad hoc basis and is provided by interested organisations and individuals for specific events or publications. Pragmatic Radicalism remains totally editorially independent of any funders.

Our events and publications cost money to organise. If you would like to donate to support our continuing work please use the button below. We are are currently seeking funders for our forthcoming Top Of The Policies pamphlet, featuring LabourUncut articles by TOTP event winners and more, and an introduction by Jon Cruddas MP, Co-ordinator of Labour’s Police Review.

We are also seeking sponsorship to help provide refreshments at our Labour Conference fringe event on 1 October (details here).

Please donate via PayPal using the button below:

Our first pamphlet in July 2011 was funded by the following organisations:UNISON

and several individuals. All design work was done pro bono by Syndicut. If you would like a copy if our first pamphlet (July 2011) please donate a minimum of £1.00 and email me to say you’ve done so

We are very grateful to the following organisations for having sponsored refreshments at our events:

Thompsons Solicitors We have also partnered for an event with: and Birmingham Fabian Society

Thank you for your support.

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