Foreword – Luciana Berger MP

I am delighted to be associated with this new collection of essays from some of Labour’s activists and writers. Pragmatic Radicalism is over-flowing with exciting, radical ideas from Labour’s New Generation. With Labour embarking on its Policy Review, as many members as possible should have an opportunity to have a say and do the thinking necessary to ensure that Labour remains the party with the ideas and solutions to meet the challenges of the future. Pragmatic Radicalism is an important contribution to the process. It is yet more proof for us in Westminster that future policy development must happen at the grassroots as much as the Shadow Cabinet table. What these pithy and apposite essays demonstrate is that the Labour party is vibrant, and that the New Generation, defined not by age, but attitude, is ready to rise to the challenge set by our leader, Ed Miliband.


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2 thoughts on “Foreword – Luciana Berger MP

  1. Sounds great hot shots telling us about what labour will do at the next election and what will happen if they win, bit like Blair and New labour, but an old saying about once bitten twice shy.

    You will have to do a lot to get me to vote labour again, and before you state I’m not labour, I can trace my labour roots right back to the start of the LRC.

    My wife can go back even further, both families come from a back water which had Nye Bevan as an MP, both born within his miners hospital, my wife was born with spina bifida and was one of the first people in the country to undergo a spinal operation on the first days of the NHS.

    Labour and socialism runs through our blood yet both of us did not vote labour at the last election for the first time in our lives.

    Around me many miners steel workers just did not vote as labour is now seen as a second rate Tory party, with both Blair and Brown showing more love for Thatcher then socialism.

    I suspect at the next election both of us will sit at home.

    Oh yes my wife worked all her life and I lost the use of my legs in an accident ten years ago while at work, both of us are benefit scroungers or work shy what ever.

    how sad is that….

  2. Unfortunately the radical ideas all look as if they were lifted from a pre-2009 Conservative agenda.

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